An important message from our founder, take the time to read this before you scroll..

Hey DRMERS, welcome to our newest (and probably best) collection. 

 If you didn't already know...every single collection that I've ever launched has been inspired by the feelings I've felt and people I've met during this journey of following my dreams.

When designing COLL. 005, I was feeling burnt out and was heading towards a very dark mental state. Through my eyes, everything sucked. I was so fixated on things that I lacked, and lost gratitude for things that I already had.

This was what inspired the "PERSPECTIVE" collection, because that's really all it is. It's really all about how we see things. 

The world is a beautiful place, but it can be hard to see sometimes when things don't go as planned. Sometimes, what we want out of life and what we receive are completely different. Sometimes, the world takes away things that we thought were certain. Sometimes it tells us we are wrong, even when we are convinced that we are damn right. 

I guess I've learned to accept that there are just some things we can't change. Maybe, the only thing we really can do is change the way we see the world. Maybe it really just comes down to perspective?

Is it loneliness or is it self discovery? 

Is it hurt or is it growth? 

Is it failure or is it a lesson? 

Is it a breakdown or is it a breakthrough? 

Maybe life is about finding beauty in the darkness. Maybe it's about discovering magic in your own reality and seeing familiarity in a whole new light. 

The world will always be a beautiful place, if we choose to see it that way. 

Change the way you look at things and you may just find what you're searching for. 

I hope you love this collection as much as I do. 

Our 005 sweatsuits are soft and cozy AF. Made with 385gsm 70/30 cotton-fleece fabric, these will become your go-to everyday pieces. Minimal design at the front with a short yet powerful message at the back. 

Comes in 4 different colours: 
1) Forest Green
2) Neptune Blue
3) Teddy Bear Brown
4) Cloudy Grey 



Introduction pieces to our new premium line of hoodies. Made with 100% recycled cotton as a step towards sustainability and even higher quality pieces. With 100% recycled cotton, the outer material is more durable and less susceptible to pilling. 

The story behind the design: we wanted to draw a picture that symbolizes the importance of seeing things in different perspectives. The figure on the right owns an entire garden but is still unhappy about it. On the contrary, the figure on the left only has one flower, but is ecstatic BECAUSE he has that one beautiful flower. You get to choose your happiness based on how you see things. 

Glass full? Or empty? You decide.

Comes in 2 colours, black and white. 


Our new 100% cotton "PERSPECTIVE" tees are perfect to pair with the 005 sweatpants. A piece to remind you that you can't always change situations, things or people.. but you will always have the power to change how you feel about it. 

P.S. Did you notice that the design is actually shaped like an eye? 👁


This IS the DRMERS CLUB, right? 

Having a notebook is essential to your personal growth and mental health. Cover made with 100% vegan leather. Use these 200 blank pages to brainstorm ideas, jot down brain dumps, doodle, document your progress, set goals, and everything in between! 

Use it as your best friend when your thoughts are heavy and you need an outlet to release them all. 

Using a notebook really saved us in so many ways, so we wanted to share it with you (in hopes that it will save you too) 


The final pieces you need to complete the entire look! 

Dad hats: Unstructured low profile hats with clean and crispy embroidery at the front and back. Made with an adjustable clasp closure to fit all head sizes. 

Tote bags: Not your typical tote bag. Our new tote bags come in 2 playful and minimal designs with a zipper pouch inside for you to place all your small essential items. This way, you won't have to drop everything in one spot and lose everything at the bottom (the most annoying part about using typical tote bags!) 


ok drmers, we heard you.

What's the difference between the regular and premium line of hoodies? 
First of all, both lines are soft as f*cking BUTTER, so that will NOT be compromised. 

The regular line (same as our previous collections) is made with 70/30 cotton fleece fabric. Although this fabric is one of the most widely used and popular fabrics, proper care instructions must be followed to maintain optimal quality. 

The new premium line is made with 100% recycled cotton with efforts towards sustainability and even more durable pieces. With 100% cotton fabric, the hoodie will be less susceptible to pilling and will keep its quality with less need to follow care instructions. 

What sizes are available? 

All pieces are in unisex sizing, with sizes from XS to XL (oversized fit) ie. our XL hoodies could fit a size XXL 

How long will preorders take?

Due to recent natural disasters in BC and the global shipping crisis, the arrival of our inventory has been delayed. The estimated time arrival will be end of Jan/early Feb. 

Can I combine this order with my previous order that has not been shipped yet? 

Yes! Simply select the local pick up option to avoid purchasing a new shipping label. Before you checkout, please enter order notes stating that you would like to combine your orders (you can locate the order notes section when you "view your cart") Please DM us @drmersclub if you need clarification.

ie. "I want to combine this order with order #2958"