Hey DRMERS, it's been awhile since we've chatted like this! 

Today's blog topic is about being grateful and happy with what you currently have. 

Can we be honest? Well, can I? 

I don't know when this happened, or how it happened, but as I got older, I slowly stopped living in the present. Somehow my brain became wired to only live for my future. Completely looking at life with tunnel vision about "what's to come" instead of being happy with I have now.

Of course, in our 20's, this is our time to build the futures that we've always wanted for ourselves. This is our time to be bold, to take risks. This is THE time to build our dreams. But there's something called balance. 

If you're so focused on what's to come, you will miss out on what you already have. 

Think about this crazy cycle: 

  • Kids wanna go to high school (been there!)
  • High schoolers wanna be adults (been there!)
  • Adults wanna be retired (lol here!) 
  • Retired people wanna be kids again

It's always a cycle of being excited for the next thing. 

But do you want to know what's even crazier and more mind-blowing to me? 

We spend hours, weeks, months and YEARS preparing for that "next thing", but when you FINALLY have it, you're happy for second, then you're already looking at what's next. Then you get sad, because you don't have it yet.

When are you going to pause and realize how f*cking lucky you are? 

Let's see how this played out for me: 

When I was a student, I was working my ass off to get good grades and to network with people so that I could get a job. After jumping through all kinds of hoops, I got the job I wanted. Yay!

Then boo, my life sucks.

I told myself I didn't want to work for anyone. It would be my DREAM to work for myself.

So I quit my job. Yay!

I started my own businesses. 

Now I'm my own boss, doing everything that I love without feeling like I'm working. 

But then, my life sucks.

I'm not reaching my goals fast enough—I suck at this, this sucks.

Now my businesses are growing, I'm fulfilled with everything I've built. I've reached and even exceeded my goals. Yay! 

But wait, now I want this much more, I don't have it yet, can I even get there?

Boo, I suck. Life sucks. 

My god. Typing that out was exhausting and utterly unbelievable. 

You're probably reading this and realizing damn, that's me (unless you're not.... then good for you, please teach the rest of us) This blog was written as a reminder for you (and myself) that while chasing your dream is important and totally worth it, remember to stop and be present. Be mindful of who you are, what you are, and where you are. 

It sounds corny as f*ck, but the next time you feel shitty about not having the "next thing" yet, stop and look back at how FAR you've come. 

Without a doubt, the younger version of you would be so proud of who you've become and who you're becoming. Try looking at your life through a different lens sometimes, it'll really put things into perspective. 

And maybe, just maybe...

you'll realize that you are exactly where you need to be. 

Feel free to share your thoughts and thanks for reading!


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