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We know you are busy, but you should read this…

It’s hard to manage life, we all know that. With a job, school, friends, family, relationships, health, relaxation, hobbies, and self-care it seems like life is constantly moving. Honestly, I am getting overwhelmed just thinking about it.

It’s important in our fast-paced lives to try and find a balance, even though it might feel like a constant challenge. So I thought I’d share some ways you can sloooooooowwwwwwww down so the days don’t feel like they are just passing you by.

What you need to do is recognize the need for balance:



You may feel guilt or pressure to constantly keep up with everyone or prioritize every person in your life. The truth is there is simply not enough time and resources to do that!

But that’s OK. Everyone else is busy too.

Try to stay in touch with meaningful relationships in your life by scheduling time to see, call, or facetime people. However, make sure to give yourself time to recharge your social battery.



This probably takes up most of your time, so it may feel like your life revolves around going to work or spending time in school.

Life is NOT just about working, don’t forget that.

It’s time to leave work at work and school at school, if you can (ok IK you have homework, but you get what I mean)

Setting boundaries is crucial to make sure you don’t burn out. You want to feel your most productive, efficient, and energetic self, so make sure to take time outside of these commitments to rest and focus on other important aspects of life.



That title might be vague, but this is the best category in my opinion.

Balancing the things that make you the happiest are so valuable. This could mean your hobbies, working out, going to the movies, treating yourself, self-care, etc.

Ironically, these are the things you should prioritize, but people tend to deprioritize these things the most.


Start prioritizing what you love, When you are balancing life, remember that taking time for yourself and doing the things you enjoy most is not a waste of time, or a form of procrastinating.


Overall, finding balance in a busy world requires conscious effort and a commitment. It is the way to make sure you are the happiest and best version of yourself <3

Lots of love, 
Nina <3

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  • Maddy

    This is literally everything!! I never knew I needed to read this to realise that I need to stop trying to put so much on my shoulders. I need to try to find a way to balance everything in life to help my mental health

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