OVERTHINKING (I promise they aren't mad at you)

Hey friends, 

Are you an overthinker?

Me too.

Overthinking can be like a constant stream of mental traffic – thoughts merging, honking, and causing a never-ending traffic jam in your head. It's like your mind just won't hit the brakes, and the stress keeps piling up.

Although I haven’t mastered the art of controlling my own thoughts, there are a few things that help me reason my overthinking tendencies.

The first step is to recognize that you're in overthinking mode. Awareness is your bestie! When you sense your thoughts spiralling, pause, and take a mental breather.

Often, overthinking is fuelled by imagined scenarios and 'what-ifs’. It's time to fight back and challenge those thoughts. Ask yourself if there's concrete evidence for your thoughts. Often, you'll find they're just not as serious as you thought. 

Designate a specific time of day as your "worry time." Whenever overthinking sneaks in, gently remind yourself that you have a time and place to address those concerns later. This practice can help train your mind to delay excessive thinking.

Engage in activities that demand your full attention. Whether it's immersing yourself in a creative project or getting lost in your fav book, these pursuits divert your focus away from overthinking.

Remember, overcoming overthinking is a journey. It requires patience and practice.

We can do it, I believe in us. 

Lots of love, 

Nina <3

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