YES, OUR BLOG IS FINALLY HERE! This has been highly requested and I'm so glad that we are finally starting it in 2021.

If you didn't know, DRMERS CLUB was started on a whim. Yes, I wanted to create and build a clothing brand, but that was it. Now, my vision has changed. My purpose changed. This is not just a simple clothing brand anymore.

DRMERS CLUB became a creative outlet for me to inspire and encourage others to go after their dreams and what they truly truly want (even if they don't like to admit it because they're too "scared" to pursue it) I believe that everyone has a dream, whether its big or small. A dream is still a dream.

I want to hear stories, feel inspired, and even help those who are lost feel more empowered. 

I know that sounds like a stretch—how can a brand help someone chase their dreams?

You'd be surprised. Sometimes, all it takes is just one person to trigger a thought or idea in you. I only had the courage to become an entrepreneur because someone told me to stop being scared and to just go after what makes me happy. 

I hope that DRMERS CLUB will be that trigger for you. 



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  • Janice O.

    FINALLYY! Love this and your brand (:

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