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best set i’ve ever purchased!

I got the see you later evergreen hoodie with the matching pants as hoodie season is approaching and it was the best decision i’ve ever made when it came to clothing. it’s literally the most comfiest set i’ve ever worn, all day when i wore it for the first time people kept complimenting me and asking where the set is from. i also like how even though i got my original size it’s still has that oversized look which i love for hoodies and tracksuits. I will definitely be purchasing more sets for winter!!!!

Amazing quality with an even more amazing message

I was interested in this brand because of their story. It really hit home for me, what they stand for and work towards makes our world a better place. I want to help spread that message as well. But what made me stay and want to buy more was the quality of their products. It is genuinely well made with high quality materials. Very thick hoodie, and very comfy. Love the message on the back as well. Can’t wait to buy more!

First review!

Decided to buy this hoodie for my birthday and I am very pleased with this decision! The zip up hoodie is so comfortable, and I will definitely be wearing it as often as I can 😊


Great hoodie and message, practically live in it, would definitely recommend


It's one of the best purchases I've ever made. I always feel overwhelmed when I make an online purchase, but THIS brand is the definition of quality and authenticity. ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND HAVE DECIDED BUY AS A COUPLE. 🤭✨

super cute and comfy

i live in these shorts! color is beautiful and great for summer

Amazing brand & AMAZING HOODIE!

After discovering DRMERSCLUB it wasn’t long until I made my first purchase…and it was this very hoodie! I can easily say I do not regret buying the hoodie one bit!!! The quality is excellent, the message and deeper meaning is purposeful, and the brand behind it has earned my full support.

You truly can’t go wrong with this hoodie, so if you’re even debating on it…just buy it! It’ll be worth it, I promise.

Love this crop!

The fabric is so soft and stretchy I love it! I sized down for a more fitted look and this is now my favourite crop

My go to hoodie for the Fall

Not only is this hoodie THIC and comfy, it has my favorite message from DRMERS. This is my second hoodie I’ve bought and it makes me so happy when others read the messages on them and ask where I got it.


these shorts arrived today and they’re already my favourite shorts ever… so comfortable and perfect quality material! the colour is so so pretty.

comfiest and coolest hoodie i own!

i love this hoodie, a friend recommended it to me and im so happy i bought it! super warm, cozy, and such great quality!

So Comfortable!

My girlfriend recently bought me this crewneck and I've probably worn it more than anything in my closet rn. It's just super comfortable and soft. I'm 6'0" and L fits perfectly.

The Everyday Essential

The Venture Bag changed my expectations on the everyday "fanny pack". It is a perfect accessory and pairs effortlessly with my outfits, with there being more than enough space to fit your daily essentials. I was able to fit all the items (First Pic) into the bag with ease. 10/10 bag!

comfy streetwear <3

perfectly fits into my streetwear aesthetic and such a comfy hoodie!!

love this message!

what a nice touch to a hat. i love that quote.

Great concept

My first DRMERS CLUB purchase after following them on social media for a long time. I wore this to a first date and this very quote created a great conversation for me and my date. Needless to say... we're going on a second one next week.

Thanks guys lol

Dont think just buy

I bought this because I was in the barbie phase and the pink hoodie came at the right time 😂 hands down one of the best decisions because I have a new favourite brand to purchase from. It really doesn't feel transactional because I see how much care they put into everything!

The hoodie came much thicker than I thought which means good quality. The puff print is also very cool and soft. I've personally purchased some hoodies that were way more $$ but quality is way below this.

Don't think, just buy!

First time customer review

First time customer here writing a review. Not usually one to go onto a site to do this but I believe this brand deserves all the recognition.

I was blown away by the attention to detail. The packaging itself felt like a gift. Super meaningful.

The hoodie fits like a dream and the design speaks volumes. Will be sharing this gem with all my friends!

My new favorite shirt

Received my order from drmers club yesterday and I'm beyond impressed. The t-shirt I got is way thicker than I thought especially for this price. Also the fit is just perfect. It's clear they put thought into every aspect of their products. I'm definitely a repeat customer now :)

the best brand, best message

found the brand through an ad, kept seeing it everywhere so i decided to get it cause the design looked nice and unique. but the entire package was so thoughtful, i have never in my life purchased from a brand like this (this is coming from someone who shops a LOT)

the brochure explaining the brand, the stickers and i didnt even notice this embroidery message on the sleeve until i wore it.

the crewneck itself is a midweight type of crewneck which is what i actually prefer since i find the thick fabric too heavy and bulky on me. been wearing it all summer whenever it gets chilly. my gf loved mine so much i bought her the purple one.

can't wait to see what they come up with for winter and fall!

best hoodie <3

the quality of this hoodie is so amazing, it didnt go down or anything even after a couple washes, and the sleeves & length are perfect <3 this hoodie is my go to whenever im at home studying because its so cozy or going out!!

So happy I bought this!!

I love my drmers quarter zip so much. Very easy to style and super comfortable. Best part is the French terry’s not too heavy or light for summer nights by the lake!


Love the new product offering from my favvvvv brand!! I've paired it with a pencil skirt for work then wore jeans with it on the weekend for a more chill/casual look. I didn’t think I could love something more than their hoodies but this is definitely tied 🤫

Premium fabric.

I’m guilty of cheap H&M button ups and they worked great but after touching and wearing this one, I really understand what it means to wear a higher quality shirt LOL. Not to mention the meaningful embroidery, it adds a very nice touch.


Best quality sweater I have purchased, I also got the matching sweatpants and wear it everywhere!